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Herbies Bikes Ltd

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West Lothian

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possibly the best bike shop in Pumpherston

Service & Repairs

It is our belief that if a job is worth doing it is worth doing well.  That is why we do not repair or service bikes that would prove to be uneconomically viable and we will not do half a job or compromise on the quality of parts we use.


If you bought your bike new for £80 elsewhere it is not going to get fixed here - the most we can do to that type of bicycle is repair a flat tyre....  


However if your bike is good quality and well maintained we are happy to service, repair or rebuild your bike for you.


Herbie takes great pride in his work and always tries to ensure it is right first time.  You will notice a big difference from the £10 "service" that some shops provide.


A basic service includes:  checking and adjusting gears

                                         checking & oiling or replacing chain

                                         checking and adjusting brakes

                                         replacing/ re-greasing brake cables

                                         checking and inflating tyres

                                         checking wheels

                                         checking and adjusting all nuts and bolts


It does not include the cost of any parts that need replaced.  We will call you if we find anything above and beyond what you have been quoted.


Please phone and book your bike in for a service or leave a message on the answerphone and someone will call you back.


Tracing squeaks and creaks takes time and as such we have to charge a "faultfinding" fee of at least £20.  If you put your car into a garage to trace a fault you would have to pay for the labour so please dont complain about it - we're not a charity!

£40per hour pro rata - minimum job £10.00